Interior wall finish for Shipping Container Build Unit

Interior design and interior built materials quality is as important as the exterior build materials quality for a shipping container conversion unit. Interior construction materials are used in shipping container conversion units as per the usage. Interior materials must with stand fire, water and other weather elements to keep the shipping container conversion unit lasts for long and for the best safety and security of the inside belongings. And interior construction materials creates the strength and ambience of the inside shipping container conversion units. Arabian containers uses the best in class world renowned quality materials for interior construction of shipping container conversion build units. Arabian containers builds the best shipping container conversion units in UAE and all over Middle East. Arabian containers have team of experienced interior designers and engineers who make sure about the quality and safety of the inner side of shipping container unit build and the beauty of inside area. Shipping container conversion units inside construction materials varies with use and commonly used materials are drywall, plywood, fiberglass reinforced panels, latest ISO marine quality panels. Arabian containers make sure that these materials will give enough protection to the inner side part of shipping container conversion build.


Plywood is stronger and can with stand fire and other weather conditions easily. Arabian containers use the ISO marine quality plywood for the construction of inner side of shipping container conversion build units. Plywood we use for shipping container conversion build repels termites and other insects thus prevents corrosion and safety to the belongings and goods inside a shipping container conversion build. Plywood is strong enough to hold strong materials as hangings. And its natural color tone provides an natural ambiance to the inner side area of shipping container build unit. And it is easy to apply putty and paints on the surface of plywood if it is necessary. Otherwise we can use varnish to create natural look of wood inside a shipping container conversion build unit. Arabian containers uses the best in class plywood that suits to the shipping container build as per customers requirement and plan.


If a shipping container conversion needs good insulation and have to keep inside temperature in a constant level then we use drywall. It a strong enough to withstand all weather conditions and insect attacks so keeps the goods and belongings inside safe and secure for a long time. It is very pocket friendly material that can readily paint or do other interior decoration without any extra effort. Drywalls are fire resistant so it keeps your belongings safe. Main advantage of drywall is its surface finish and it can be installed before transportation of shipping container conversion unit to the installation unit. Its cost effectiveness and surface look makes it the prime choice of shipping container builders in UAE and all over UAE. Arabian containers builds shipping container builds with drywall according to the requirement of build unit and customer.

Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP)

Fiberglass Reinforced Panels are used in shipping container building where there is need of tough and smooth, textured wall surface. FRP is made with very strong polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass so it is tough and makes the inside strong enough to withstand all external pressures. FRP material is water proof, insect proof and fire proof so it protects the belongings inside a shipping container builds in very effective way. These FRP panels are durable and resist all weather elements. FRP makes the inside of shipping container conversion build unit shock proof and secure from all types of conditions that cause damage to entire shipping container and belongings inside the shipping container. Arabian containers uses the best in quality FRP for the shipping container conversion, modification, fabrication builds as per the requirements of the project and customer.


As of now shipping container builds are new in UAE we must check with local laws and regulations before starting the construction about the materials that we can use for inside there in that locality. Before constructing a shipping container based architecture you must check whether this shipping container build fits the land. Secondly we must check the zonal rules and regulations about installing shipping container build unit there. Finally you must check weather the shipping container construction company fulfills the standards of shipping container conversion builds. Arabian containers have years of experience in the field of shipping container building construction and we use the best quality materials for shipping container construction. And our engineers and designers will check the quality and standards in every phases of construction to deliver the best shipping container construction build unit that suits your business and lasts for ever. feel free to contact us for any query related to construction of shipping container home, cafe, kitchen, accommodation, office, home, storage unit in UAE and all over Middle East. 

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