Shipping Container Coffee Shops & Bars  

Custom shipping containers are the best choices for new coffee shops, restaurants, beach shacks, food trucks, shawarma counters, sandwich shops and seafood restaurants. A recent study revealed that 70 percent of restaurants fail in their first year of survival and 85 percent fail within five years. As per the experts in restaurant field the following are the top causes of restaurant failures:

  •     Inexperience
  •     Poorly decorated
  •     Bad location
  •     Bad Management skills
  •     Bad Accounting Skills
  •     Bad Customer Service
  •     Lack of varieties in products
  •     Third grade Food Quality & Execution

A shipping container based cafe or restaurants are more popular and give fresh energy to the ambience thus attracts more customers to the business. The interior, exterior and serving methods will please the minds of customers. More over container cafes are energy saving, space saving and economical. It need less time to assemble a container cafe when compared with traditional cafe building methods. And container cafe introduces a new way of serving and ambience to the restaurant industry.

Before constructing a shipping container based cafe project please check that the agency who you consult have enough experience in this container cafe construction field. A good container cafe construction agency will have all professional workforce from planning engineer to layman who builds it in ground. Usability is the most important part of cafe container project. Cafe container gives usability to staff and customers who will be there in container cafe. With best interior and exterior planning container cafes will attract more and more customers to your cafe business, because customers like freshness and latest usability trends.

Container cafes are easy to install and operate. Container cafe construction need less time for installation. Once the plan for container cafes are finalized get the best quality container and construction materials along with experienced workforce makes a good container cafe. Select the container material from an authorized container trading company, it will reduce the risk of installing low quality containers for your container cafe project. Also check the weather testing for containers that you used for container cafe project. Quality testing of containers are very important for container cafe or any container building project. Because we are investing money on containers that we want to last long.

Location is another factor which decides the success of your container cafe venture. A good location will give more and more trusted and quality customers to your cafe business. Design your container cafe according to the location, local history and manners. A container cafe must reflect the nature of your cafe or restaurant in turn attracts more customers. Container cafe need less sauce for occupancy and less human resource to operate. You can use it as a juice counter, shawarma counter, tea point, burger point or any other food delivery point. So you can make your own cafe or restaurant brand in less investment. Cafe container is a landmark which people can remember easily and can locate easily. A properly designed container cafe/restaurant attracts people very easily. It will become a brand mark and stand out from other cafe or restaurant chains.


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