Container conversion, modular building  and fabrication are common now. people are thinking about cost and time. so container cafe, home, office, accommodation, kitchen are the best solutions. We Arabian containers have years of experience in building modular building using shipping container modules. Our team have well experienced workmen who are the best in shipping container conversion industry in Dubai all over UAE. Here are the most effective tips  for purchasing your first shipping container home.

Check your container before purchasing it

It is very important that you must check your container home in person before you buy it for your project. Look for dents in the sides and corners, rust on the exterior, rust in the interior and leaks which are very expensive to fix after construction is done. So get it from a trusted shipping container vendor. Arabian containers provides the best quality container home, container cafe, container kitchen, container accommodation, container conversion services in economical budget in Dubai, Shariah, Abudhabi and all over UAE.

Think about the cost and other expenses

Most of the people think that building projects using shipping container are very inexpensive. But its not like that. So make a pricing plan about container cost, labor cost and other expenses like  transporting and permit charges. Start container home project by strictly in accordance with the budget. And make a design that comes under your budget. Arabian containers provides the best container home, container cafe, container kitchen, container accommodation, container conversion services in economical budget in Dubai, Shariah, Abudhabi and all over UAE.

Connect with your city planning office prior construction

Like every construction project this container home building projects have rules and regulations and it varies with regions. So you have to connect with regional planning agency for more information on container building construction rules and regulations. Understand it fully and understand about the special schemes on container construction if there has any. We Arabian containers plans and execute container building construction in accordance with zonal rules and regulations in all over UAE.

Must have a design that consider natural light inside the container

Shipping containers are made with steel parts so it doesn't have provisions to pass light through it. So make sure that your design contains provisions for proper ventilation using windows doors using glass doors or pergolas. Proper lighting will reduce energy consumption also. So your interior space will look more lively and pleasant. If your design needs more space select high cube container so you will get more space in your container build.

The real purpose of shipping container is to transport goods from one place another so for strength it is made with steel that is highly resistivity to rusting and other natural phenomenons. And bare shipping containers doesn't have windows or door holes that you use in traditional home or living spaces. We have to cut the space for window or doors in shipping container in turn it will reduce the strength of the container structure. To avoid structural strength reduce we have to use extra steel frames that improves the weight bearing capacity of entire structure. So plan your doors and windows properly in your shipping container structure. And Arabian Containers modifies shipping containers into living spaces by considering the safety and security of people who lives in it. We provides services like cafe containers, accommodation containers, office containers, kitchen containers in Dubai, shariah, abudhabi, middle east and all over UAE.

Shipping container buildings are modular buildings that are alternative to traditional building setup. It need less construction time and gives high security.
That's all for now. If you are looking build a shipping container home of office or cafe or accommodation facility consult a good experienced container conversion company that can provide you the entire facilities in a nut shell and can provide you safe ans secure containers buildings like your dream.

If you are looking for the best  container conversion company that converts your dream to real container office, container home, container kitchen, container cafe in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Middle East or any where in UAE. please contact Arabian Containers.

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