How to make eco friendly shipping container conversion buildings in UAE

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How to make eco friendly shipping container conversion buildings in UAE

Shipping container buildings are the trend of today in UAE and all over middle east. Shipping container conversion builds are economically feasible option to scale any type of business in geographical region like UAE. Like all types of construction methods shipping container conversions have its own pros and cons. But speedy construction time and long lasting builds makes it stand out from other construction methods. Shipping container conversion builds are the need of the time where we can upscale the used shipping containers into beautiful and usable buildings that can use for personal as well as commercial use. Arabian containers are the pioneers in shipping container conversion builds in UAE with a mission to build high quality and long lasting shipping container buildings across UAE.

Shipping container conversion builds are mainly used for the construction of cafes, restaurants, offices, stores, outlets, kiosks, display units, accommodation units, water treatment plants, toilets in UAE. Shipping container builds are easy to set up with less expense and in less time make sit the prime choice of builders who want to set up their business builds in UAE. Arabian containers builds eco friendly shipping container builds that last for long time with less maintenance and will give you high ROI. Now we will see how Arabian containers make eco friendly shipping container conversion builds in UAE.

Upscaling of used shipping containers

Shipping container conversion builds uses used as well as new shipping containers for construction of buildings. 80% of the shipping container conversion builds uses used shipping containers because it will reduces the construction cost by a lot. So directly shipping container conversion builds supports the reduction of environmental pollution. Used shipping containers creates major environmental pollution and waste disposal issue around the world. Shipping container conversion upscales and converts used shipping containers into beautiful buildings that will boost business and lifestyle of people around the world. Shipping container conversion in turn reduces the iron scrap waste issues by converting it to creative and livable spaces. Arabian containers are proud to be a part of saving environment by building shipping container conversion builds in to commercial as well as personal buildings in UAE.

Best use of lighting and air flow

Lighting and airflow arrangements in shipping container conversion builds saves a lot of energy thus saves our environment. With proper plan and design we can reduce the electricity expense for lighting inside shipping container. And the same way by proper ventilation we can save a lot of electricity. A well ventilated and proper lighting system implemented shipping container build will save a lot of energy and it will give more positive vibe in the inside of shipping container. Lighting and air circulation can be achieved by proper design of doors and windows of shipping container while building a shipping container build. Arabian containers build well ventilated and natural light rich shipping container conversions that are modern and will give a smooth business experience for the business owner by all means. Arabian containers have years of experience in building shipping container based buildings, cafes, toilets, office cabins, restaurants, pop up shops, kiosks, accommodation units, water treatment plants etc. in UAE and all over Middle East.

Use of quality insulation materials

Insulation plays vital role in saving energy inside a shipping container build. With the sue of high quality insulation materials energy consumption can be reduced by 70%. Well insulated shipping container build always maintains heat and prevents corrosion and other insect issues that makes a shipping container build an economical one. And this will reduce energy consumption charges so it will save a lot of money for the owner. Arabian containers uses high quality insulation materials and paints that will last for long with less maintenance or literally no maintenance. Arabian containers uses insulation inside the shipping container builds according to the need of use. 


Recyclability makes shipping container builds as one of the prime choice of builders. Used shipping containers and shipping container builds can be upcycled for the future use and thus makes it as a solution to save our environment. This upcycling feature save our earth and conserves the human population in the earth. Arabian containers are committed to save environment with zero or less waste footprint in UAE. 

If you are looking for shipping container builds think about Arabian containers. Arabian containers are the leading shipping container conversion, modification and fabrication company in UAE with speedy construction time and quality build output. feel free to contact us for all types of shipping container conversion needs in UAE.

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