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Shipping containers are the best alternative for the traditional construction system which make this earth more and more polluted, where as shipping container based construction methods are zero wastage and 100% environmental friendly construction method which uplifts the upcycling of waste materials into creative and constructive purpose. Arabian containers converts shipping containers into beautiful office, cafe, home, kitchen, store units which lasts for ever in Dubai and all over UAE Middle East. 

Arabian containers consist of highly experienced team of experts who can modify and fabricate shipping containers into your dream space build that fit to all your needs. Arabian containers design nd build trendy as well as quality shipping container builds that lasts for ever and are economical to the owner of shipping container unit build. Our products comes in several categories which will satisfy the space needs of almost all industries like commercial, personal, government, healthcare, construction, education, banking, accommodation, Arabian containers can build any type of shipping container construction units that fit to your needs with ease. We modify all types of shipping containers with less wastage of property and with more space to the build unit. Our shipping containers are made with safety and security in mind so it will enhance your business like never before.

Now you have to know how shipping container build by Arabian containers make difference in your business and shipping container build experience.

We employ highly qualified and certified technicians, welders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, engineers, fabricators and painters who have years of experience in shipping container builds. And you can experience our shipping container build conversion from the planning stage itself. Our process are transparent and highly professional that will give you a hassle free shipping container conversion build experience.

Arabian containers are able to modify and convert shipping containers into spacious and practically usable builds by our own effort. We never outsource our work to anyone. And we use high quality materials and technologies that ensures 100% satisfaction and build quality to our customers around UAE and Middle East. We modified and converted thousands of shipping containers in UAE and middle east, our happy customers are our strength.

Arabian containers have own in house shipping container modification, conversion, fabrication facility with experienced technicians for the best shipping container build output. Our engineers are very practical in the time of designing a shipping container build and so it will give you practically easy and hassle free business operation thus in turn enhances your business productivity beyond your imagination levels.

Arabian container have own shipping container sale unit where we sell used and new shipping containers in UAE and middle East. We supply high quality new and used shipping containers that will satisfy all types of usage in UAE. We have our own quality assessment team who ensures the quality of shipping container before sale. And our after sales team is also very responsive and ready to solve all queries from customers quickly. We sell high quality ISO marine shipping containers in UAE. Customer satisfaction by selling high quality shipping containers is our motto. And we have all types of technicians who can rectify all issues of your shipping containers easily with in no time. 

Arabian containers highly qualified technicians can convert your shipping container into your dream build in time and it will be economical to you also. We use latest technologies and high quality materials for shipping container conversion, modification, fabrication that will give extra life to your shipping container build. Our shipping container builds are specially designed to withstand weather conditions of UAE and Middle East and our shipping container builds are less maintenance so you can save lots of money for maintenance. 

If you are looking for alternative solution for your commercial or personal space build requirement feel free to contact us.

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