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Shipping containers are the new alternative method for building cafes, offices, accommodation facilities, homes, shops, outlets. This become reality with the use of latest technologies and it helps people to sustain their life style easily. Shipping container based builds are economical and long lasting and it leaves zero foot prints thus less pollution. Arabian containers build shipping container cafes, offices, homes, cam offices, outlets, accommodation facilities, mobile toilets, prefab buildings with a mission to upcycle shipping container units for construction purpose so to save environment. Arabian containers builds the best in class quality shipping container builds in Dubai, UAE and all over Middle East. 

Shipping container are made to last for a long time to survive constantly varying sea conditions so it is strong and durable by all means. And shipping containers are made with international standards because it has to store, transferred and shipped with ease and safety. Arabian containers deliver international class shipping containers in UAE and all over Middle East. Corten Steel is widely used for the manufacturing of shipping containers, Corten steel is also know as weathering steel. Please check the factors like age of shipping container and quality of shipping container before you buy it for your shipping container based build. Quality and materials used for the construction of shipping container determines the cost of shipping container based build. Don't use cheap and low quality materials for instantaneous benefits. 

Shipping container prices varies with vendors, size and present condition of the shipping container unit. Shipping container whole sale companies buy it as bulk and sell it to public for variety of uses. Please check your shipping container unit thoroughly. Shipping container prices mainly determined by their sizes. We have to choose shipping container according to our space requirement. 6Ft and 8Ft storage containers are also there. These small sized shipping containers are mainly used or transporting small goods or to make small toilet unit or a storage unit for tools. 

The main standard sizes of shipping containers are:

  •     10 foot
  •     20 foot
  •     40 foot

10 Foot Shipping Container

These 10 foot shipping containers are ideal for kiosks, popup counters, small storage unit and for people who are looking to move to studio or one bed room accommodation. These shipping container units have 561 cubic feet of storage people who need small space storage or living requirement. 

Dimensions: 10′ x 8′ x 8’6’’ 

20 Foot Shipping Container

These20 foot shipping containers are relatively larger space in it so it is useful for people whoa re looking for little bit more space. These shipping containers can be use for building pop up cafe, bed space, camp office, kitchen and for medium size storage purpose.

Dimensions: 20′ x 8′ x 8’6’’

40 Foot Shipping Container

40 feet shipping containers are very big so its spacious enough to make big office spaces, home, big accommodation units, camp offices, commercial shops, outlets and more. Normally its made to keep bulk amount of goods and belongings. These 40 feet shipping containers are easy to customize according to your space requirement.

Dimensions: 45′ x 8′ x 8’6’’

For every requirement there is shipping containers available and these shipping containers can be easily customizable and can finish your dream build in no time. Check the manufacturing date and build material for the long lasting shipping container conversion modification fabrication result. And you can choose shipping containers from size 10 foot to 48 foot to complete your construction build. And for refrigeration requirement reefer shipping containers are also available. 

If it comes to used or second hand shipping containers, according to the usage there are 3 grades of used/second hand shipping containers are available in the market. They are:

  •     Grade A:  (Premium) the highest quality second hand/used
  •     Grade B:  High quality second hand/used
  •     Grade C:  Fair quality second hand/used

In used shipping containers Grade A type are most expensive, but grade A are of highest quality shipping containers. These are good in physical condition with out rust or any dents and will last for next 15 years easily. Grade A shipping containers are climate repellent, water resistant clean and looks new. Grade A containers doors and floors will be as new as a new shipping container. Grade B and Grade C shipping containers are also water proof and weather proof and in good physical condition but some dents or some rusts will be there that can be corrected easily and Grade B and Grade C shipping containers prices will be lowest so its economical to the buyer. Buyer can correct the dent and rust of Grade C and Grade B shipping containers and can use like new or for the shipping container conversion build purpose. 

Used shipping containers will last long and are weather proof so belongings inside will stay safe. Used container inside structures will be in good condition and as strong as a new shipping container. By used shipping container for container conversion build purpose we are saving environment by upcycling dumped shipping containers. Arabian containers will do strict quality check in all phases of shipping container conversion builds. If you want to know more about shipping container conversion, fabrication, modification or used/second hand shipping container sale please contact us.

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